(ïËKMANIA Art and industryarchitecture and artwere the main themes set fortheTriennial in 1954.Seventeen nations had chosen from their studios, workshops and manufactories the best works and products of their respective countries, in order to present them in public in Milan. A co-decisive factor was that the works selected should be characteristic of the countries concerned. He who endeavours to recog nize and in general take in the insistence on form and style of the several nations, will state that the conceptions are adapting themselves ever stronger to one another. Assimilation in style is specially clearly to be traced in the best works. This de velopment is cogent in the featuring of industrial forms because the purpose the object serves pre scribes its shaping. The products in the depart ment of «Industrial Design» show that criticism, moreover, has to consider the usefulness of the invention. A practical, well constructed dustpan, a shock-absorbing car-body made of plastic ma terial, or a new way to form tin, convince while the umpteen ashtrays impress as heterodox. Pre sumably it is justified to attach increasing signifl- Blick in die Optische Abteilung Deutschland) View of the optic section Germany Vue de la section d'optique Allemagne) Plakate von Otto Aicher Deutschland Posters by Otto Aicher Germany Affiches de Otto Aicher Allemagne) 41

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