10. TRIËNNALE IN M A I L A N cance to the industrial form. In the field of architecture the featuring of walls shows that with almost all nations abstract solutions are no longer a risky enterprise. The works created during the last years have fixed and made visible the basic laws. By a comparing evalu ation, guiding principles for criticism can be won, showing also to the outsider the value contained in abstract featuring. In handicraft is perceived the hand of the artist and his insist ence on form. In general one must state that Italy's works of glass and ceramics are leading, that France produces incomparably fine books, that Denmark has good workshops for silver work, that Finland makes the best objects of glass and wood, and that Germany's porcelain Oben links und Mi tie: Schaukelvögel. Entwurf: Th.A. Winde (Deutschland) Above to the left and in centre: Mockingbirdsdesigned by Tb.A. Winde Germany) En haut a gauche et au milieu: Oiseaux a bascule. Auteur: Tb.A. Winde Allemagne AbteilungSchulen (Deutschland) Section Schools Germany Section des écoles Allemagne

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