10. TRIËNNALE IN NI A I L A N D and brocaded materials are admirable. In spite of this individual variety, it is difficult to determine in the mixed series of works any nation's style. The concept that our time has no style seems to be refuted at this meeting place of good featuring, to which European countries as well as those outside Europe have sent only works that strike out on new lines. That during the last years, also in commercial art without any special program, an international style developed, is an interesting parallel pheno menon. In contrast to the Triennial in 1951, where was arranged an extensive special exhibition of commercial art,there were thistime only a fewworks dealing with this theme in the French, Israelitic and German stalls. When comparing, without valuating quality, it is flabbergasting to state how much the Holzplastik. Entwurf: Papio Wirkkala (Finnland) Wooden plastic work, designed by Papio Wirkkala Finland) Sculpture en bois. Auteur: Papio Wirkkala (Finlande Abteilung Finnland Section Finland Section finlandaise 46

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