Strike back Poster dicals of this line, which might easily give the impression that he works predominantly in the journalistic field. But his continuous intellectual coming-to-grips with the tasks and featuring problems of applied graphic art proves only that Walter H. Allner is a striking re presentative of that younger and absolutely up-to- date generation of artists who deliberately place their creative talents at the service of present times, endeavouring to solve the incoming tasks of the day unperturbed. This generation strives at expressing itself clearly, and the exact and altogether impressive formal language of Walter H. Allner's works are, too, 1 Schallplattenhiille 2 Plakat 4 Schutsptmschldge 1 Cover for a gramophone record 2 Poster 4 Pook jackets 1 Enveloppe de disque 2 Affiche 4 Chemises de livres conquer cancer American Cancer Society Johann Christian 3 International Annual the intellectual extract of a primal thinking process and detached considerations. We recognize that he, be fore all, intends addressing the contemplator as di rectly as possible and unmistakably, and therefore he interprets graphically unambiguously every task that is to be solved. This endeavour leads him with utmost consequence to formulations symbolically strong for which, let me say, the cover of this periodical, made by him, offers a characteristic example. Moreover, the always logical and precise construction of the pictures and their often but economical colouring prove the sure capability of a strong personality de voted to his work with great ethos, International Poster Annual 5

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