Linke Seite Lefl page Page de gauche: Entwurf Design Maquette: E. u. M. Lenz Rechte Seite Right page Page de droite: Entwurf Design Maquette: Celestino Piatti Photo: Stricker exhibitions which all of them deal with some special subject of the modern art and technique of photography. One of them, organised by the expert Heinz Held with great circumspection and a pro found grasp of his subject, takes place under the heading «The Photographic Poster» and comprises approximately 90 posters from European and other countries. This special exhibition merits above all others the interest of graphic artists since by means of carefully selected samples it offers a very interesting survey of the utilization of photography for modern poster design. It is true that the subject as such is not novel, and whoever has devoted some time to studying the development of the modern art of the poster will remember that already some decades ago one has attempted to make use of photographic means for the design of posters and that above all the Swiss and the Russians have come up with very remarkable achievements in this field which deserve our full recog nition and appreciation even today as a sample of the pioneer work of an avantguard. Such solutions, however, did not at that time play a dominating part since poster design all the world over was still an almost exclusive domaine of purely graphic work. It was only the rapid development and perfection of the modern technique of photography which has brought about a fundamental change in this respect and has opened the door to photography in all fields of applied graphic art and consequently also in poster design. It is true that these attempts at using photography more

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