ATOME IM DIENSTE DES FRIEDENS ATOMS IN THE SERVICE OF PEACE future war, a fear that continues to be re newed in the face of constant reports on the further progress of nuclear research. As matters lie it will be hardly possible to totally lay these comprehensible and justi fied fears. It is, however, quite within the province of the possible to point out, by way of creating a counterbalance to these sub-conscious fears of mankind, repeatedly and emphatically the positive values of these nuclear forces and to show what serious attempts are made to harness these tremendous energies and to put them to productive use in the service of our present efforts toward civilisation. It is commenda ble that the «General Dynamics» of New York, an organisation formed by the most important and financially powerful Ameri can industrial groups has for quite some time pursued this noble aim with great con sistence, an endeavor of which we already gave some samples in an illustrated report of our magazine in copy 11, 1955. The «General Dynamics» have ever since con tinued to pursue the same line of activity and recently published a new series of large-sized photos in order to demonstrate through them the various beneficent possi bilities of exploiting atoms also for peace ful purposes. The creator of these impres sive posters which were displayed when ever there was occasion for it and which, such as for instance in Switzerland blended well with the scenery, is the designer Erik Nitsche, the art director of «General Dy namics» who here had the rather difficult task of clearly and comprehensibly trans posing abstract processes and subjects into optically appealing posters, an attempt which, as far as humanly possible, was par ticularly and eminently successful in the case of his latest posters which owe their success quite apart from their formal values above all to their carefully considered, deli cately differentiated and refined coloration. Rechte Seite: Plakat Right page: Poster Page de droite: Affiche Entwurf Design Maquette: Erik Nitsche Serie: Erforschung des Universums. Plakat: Kontrolle des Wetters. »Es steht kaum aufier Frage, dafi man die Untersuchungen durchfuhren könnte, die nötig sind, um gewisse Ergehnisse vorausvytsagen, so dafi man unbe- schrdnkt eingreifen nnd letyjen Endes nahegu unglaubliche Wirkungen erfielen könnte. Ausgedehntes menschliches Eingreifen würde tiefgehend den allgemeinen Kreislauf der Athmosphare beeinflussender von der Erddrehung and von der star ken Erhitvymg der Tropen durch die Sonne abhangig ist. Mafinahmen in der Arktis können das Wetter in gemafiigten Zonen bestimmen, oder auch Mafi nahmen in einer bestimmten gemafiigten Zone könnten sich bedenklich auf eine andere Zone auswirkendie ein Viertel des Erdballs von ihr entfernt istEs eriibrigt sich, im ein^elnen aufsytfiibren, was solche Mafinahmen fiir die Landwirtschaft oder überhaupt alle Phasen menschlicher, tierischer und pflan^licher örtlicher Ent- wicklung bedeuten würden. All dies wird die Interessen der Völker mehr in Einklang bringen als die Drohung eines Atomkrieges oder irgendeines anderen Krieges Johann von Neumann Exploring the universe series. Weather control poster. Control of Weather there is little doubt that one could carry out analyses needed to predict results, inter vene on any scale, and ultimately achieve rather fantastic effects Extensive human intervention would deeply affect the atmosphere's general circulation, which depends on the earth's rotation and intensive solar heating of the tropics. Measures in the artic may control the weather in temperate regions, or measures in one temperate region critically affect another, one-quarter around the globe There is no need to detail what such things would mean to agriculture or, indeed, to all phases of human, animal, and plant ecology All this will merge each nation's affairs with those of every other nation more thoroughly than the threat of a nuclear or any other war (fohn von Neumann.) Série: Exploration de l'espace. Affiche: Controle du temps. «II n'y a gu'ere de doute qu'on puisse faire les experiences nécessaires pour pouvoir prédire certains résultats, qu'on puisse intervenir sans restriction et qu'on obtienne en définitive des effets presque fantastiques. Une intervention humaine a grande échelle pourrait influencer profondément la circulation atmosphérique générale, qui dépend de la rotation de la terre et de 1'inso lation violente des tropiques. Des mesmes prises dans les régions arctiques peuvent déterminer le temps des regions tempéréesdes mester es prises dans une cyme tempérée dét er- minéepourraient avoir une repercussion sur d'autres régions, séparées de la première par un quart de la circonférence du globe. II n'est pas nécessaire d'entrer dans le détail et de dire 1'importance de ces faits pour I'agriculture ou, a vrai dire, pour toutes les phases de l'écologie humaine, animale et végé- tale. Tout ceci joindrait plus étroitement les intéréts d'un peuple et ceux d'un autre que la menace d'une guerre ato- mique ou de toute autre guerre (fohn von Neumann) 8

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