painter he has created portraits and sculp tures of female beauties and at the same time produced scenic and decorative de signs for important music halls and theaters such as the Royal Danish Ballet of Copen hagen, designs which are distinguished by the charm of their colors and by their fer tility of witty imagination. Within the wide frame of his creative work it is, however, his ceramics which occupy a particularly large space and it is also in this special field that he uses to experiment in his studio with particular devotion when he is not on one of his numerous trips. It therefore is quite understandable that this artist soon attracted the attention of the Rosenthal China Manufactory for which in the course of the last years he has created a great number of beautiful china and glass designs of which we here show some typical sam ples. When one regards these gaily colored, manyshaped and graceful productions, their serene lightness and seemingly play ful elegance one might easily be tempted to think that here is a talented artist who easily executes whatever work he under takes and whose achievement is a generous gift of the gods. The surprising facility of his creations should, however, not lead us to imagine that Bjorn Wiinblad owes his success to something like a favorable and accidental market situation. In reality this well-deserved success is the result of the serious work, the supreme fertility of im agination and the never flagging inspiration of this young artist. 16

Gebrauchsgraphik de | 1958 | | page 20