Ju tyw1/ k- AixewaWL XTrLioxL bxrclxer nachschUgeweR(<e LANGENSCHEIDT WORTERBUCHER SPRACHWERKE ,UG6HDUT6*A' HANDBOOAER 3 4 and care.The fact that itfinds such a kindly echo confirms it in its endeavors. It profits by this opportunity to express its cordial ap preciation of many a word of approval.» If this text is placed in its entirety atthe head of this article, the purpose is not to advertise for the Heimeran publishing house above others but because in no other prospectus of a publishing house is the bibliophile so charmingly addressed. «The art of creating prospectuses» does not only consist in its artistic design.Many of the prospectuses of publishing houses are lacking in this very amiable and personal consideration of the customer. The publishing house should in a manner of speaking make a visiting card of its prospectus, a visiting card which would convey so much of the atmosphere of its house to create the desire of enter ing and looking around in everyone. This visiting card is the first publication of the publishing house which the bibliophile sees and reads. Why do many publishing houses not design them with the same careful devotion as their frequently Verleger Publishers Editeurs: 1 G.Buchheim, FeldafingjObb. 1 Ernst Rowohlt,Hamburg 3 Union Dt. Verlags-GesellschaftStuttgart 4 E. Eangenscheidt KG,Berlin-Sch'oneberg 5 Droemersche VerlagsanstaltTb.Knaur Nachf., MUnchen-Ziiricb

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