mUllers LANGEN- KLEINE GESCHENK- BUCHER Verleger Publishers Editeurs: 1 Langen-Miiller, Miinchen 1,4 K. Thienemann, Stuttgart 3 Herder, Freiburg i. Br. 4 a "'c#y 3 excellent book jackets? It almost seems par adoxical that a book prospectus whose pur pose after all is to advertise for all publi cations of a publishing house should be treated as a matterof secondary importance. The prospectus must not limit itself to offer ing a well-ordered list; its cover alone should bear witness to the spirit of a publishing house. The variety and differences of the programmes of publishing houses are no greater than the number of possible designs. The use of some old engraving or some other historical picture can be very charming but it still needsworking over bya capable typo grapher or graphic artist who alone create the real composition by combining the ele ments of the model, the type, the signet and the color. The same holds true when it is a question of typographical design, no matter whether it is to be printed or drawn, and for any sort of drawing. In every case a graphic artist or typographer who is familiar with the policy of the publishing house would have to design the cover. As a matter of principle no attempt at economy should be made here. The same goes for the over-all design of the prospectus: the quality of the paper, the method of printing and, last but not least, the fee for the graphic artist. These points have been known for a long time and after the postwar difficulties had been overcome if was above all the old and experienced pub lishing-houses which have created well-de- signed and often original prospectuses which in the true meaning of the expression «can show themselves.» 25

Gebrauchsgraphik de | 1958 | | page 29