m m i t n /Awfe -sJ.i mjz >a\\ (Ml B (l// gjj fl nunctt*Hu i8 4 2 noch alle Reize ihrer Ursprünglichkeit bewahrt. Die bevorzugten Themenkreise veranschaulichen begreiflicherweise gern allgemein bekannte Begebnisse aus dem Marienleben, der Apostelgeschichte oder Heiligenlegenden, wobei in rein formaler Hinsicht starke Ein- flüsse der von den griechisch-katholischen Klöstern des BergesAthos ausgehenden Bildkunst unverkennbar sind. Aber auch profane The- men werden behandelt, wie die hiergezeigteHenneundder Hahn,die in ihrer ganzen graphischen Durchbildung und Behandlung schon Be- weise eines über das rein Technische hinausgehenden künstlerischen Gestaltungsvermögens sind. EBERHARD HöLSCHER The old wood-cuts which we show here probably come from Hesdat a small community in the district of Szolnok-Doboka, south of the Transsilvan Carpates where a lively commerce with the pictures of saints and devotional articles of all sorts has been proved to have continued up to our own century. These old popular pictures which formerly certainly were held in high esteem and were to be found in all the rooms where a peasant population lived are incidentally not as ancient as one might expect but were in part produced as late as the first half of the last century. But on the strength of their primitive design alone it would be safe to assume that they go back to models which are very much older and later were copied time and again by modest wood-cutters, an assumption which is all the more likely to be correct in view of the fact that their legends which partly are written with Hebrew, Greek or Latin letters presuppose an already high level of education. Even though we do not know the exact time of origin of these popular wood-cuts, which in ad dition formerly were colored by hand with such lively colors such as vermilion, carmine, green and yellow in order to enhance their sales appeal, they yet have retained all their naive charm. Ob viously the preferred subjects represented popularly known events of the life of St. Mary, of the lives of the Apostles or the legends of other Saints in which, in a purely formal aspect, the strong influence of a pictorial art which originated in the orthodox monasteries of Mount Athos makes itself plainly felt. But also profane subjects are treated, such as the hen and the cock whose entire graphic design and treatment are in themselves proof of a capacity for artistic design which goes beyond a mere mastery of technique. «W* f9 UR "V fftcnf i Linke Seite: HI. Dreifaltigkeit Rechte Seite: Ob enHe tine und Hahn JJntenDie Er jengel Michael und Gabriel Left page: The Trinity A.bove:Hen and cock Below: The archangels Michael and Gabriel Page degauche: La Sainte Trinitê Page de droite: En haut: Poule et coq En bas: Les ar changes St. Michel et St. Gabriel 30

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