tinctive note can be lent to a firm through the harmonious co-operation of an enter prise and a graphic artist. In this special case an intensive market research ran parallel to the technical development of the new ap paratus, a poll whose up-shot was the neces sity of finding an industrial design suitable for giving the apparatus a sales-promoting outward appearance. Also the conclusions concerning advertising pointed to the neces sity of lending a special note to this appa ratus from the very outset. In order there fore to launch the apparatus properly a dis tinctive industrial design and graphic style had to be evolved and in order to achieve as close as possible a contact with the product itself it was decided to entrust its design as well as the graphic work to a graphic artist in the hope of thus achieving a uniform style of design and advertising. The advertising director of the Apparatebau Stellingen, Mr. Jochen F. Conrad had the flair and the luck of finding in the graphic artist G. W. Hörnig a talented and experienced collaborator who fully came up to his expectations and who, from the beginning and with the great est devotion put his best into the task he had been entrusted with. The co-operation be tween advertising director and graphic artist was close and harmonious and extended to all aspects of design and advertising so that a uniform style for the firm was all developed when the dictaphone which in the meantime had received the name DG4 was put on the market with the further consequence that the Apparatebau Stellingen was able to show a distinctive note of its own even on its very first public appearance. It also turned out that the buyers in a surprisingly short time put confidence in the new apparatus, a fact which found expression in the sales- figures. This good success was, however, only possible because here a clear-thinking and open-minded enterprise engaged the services of a capable graphic artist thereby offering him a chance to collaborate from the outset with the technical and advertising departments and to reduce the work of de signing and advertising he had been charged with to a common, spiritual and formal, de nominator. Linke Seite: Geschaftspapiere Rechte Seite: Prospekt Left pageBusiness stationary Right page: Prospectus Page degauche: Papier a lettres commercial Page de droite: Prospectus DÏKTIERGEBAT Porm/tebim#: G. W.Hirnt» fV/rm tfareh CerimmUmMtr mcMXM-MX.WdmmK 37

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