und nichts von ihrer Frische und Eigenart eingebüBt haben. Allein schon der Gedanke, eine ganze Folge von Glückwunschkarten zu schaffen und eine solche Fülle von Wunschmöglichkeiten zu er- denken, zeugt von erfinderischer Liebe und Originalitat. Und v/ir überlegen, ob hier nicht vielleicht unsere sonst so rührige Glück- wunschkarten-lndustrie zu neuen Möglichkeiten und Taten angeregt werden könnte, wofür wir ihr als einen trefflichen Heifer und Mit- arbeiter den Graphiker Hansjörg Dorschel ans Herz legen mochten. CARL HEUSSNER May the graphic artist Hansjörg Dorschel of Frankfort forgive our indiscrete quoting from what he told us in one of his letters about the history of his congratulatory cards. We should like to offer our readers some of these charming phrases. He writes: «The little collection came into being quite privately as a birthday present at a time when my drawing pencil always was tempted to draw gaily colored hearts even while working on very sober subjects. Because, however, my heart was quicker to return from its gay rcichen Kindersegen spring promenade than my brush, these cards, robbed of their deeper reason of existence stayed with me with sadly hanging dog s ears. That really is the whole story. Not always it is the pure instinct of gain nor is it, mostly, the endeavor of serving austere Art which lend wings to a brush. Sometimes there is simply a little girl at the bottom of it. Perhaps that is the way it must be if one is only 23.» Our readers will see the point-these gaily colored cards which never reached their addressee are the quite private confession of a young love which withered under an early hoar-frost. We find that in spite of this they are not withered and have lost nothing of their freshness and originality. The idea alone of creating a complete set of congratulatory cards and of thinking of such a number of things that could be wished is proof of imaginative love and originality. And the thought crosses our minds whether our otherwise so alert congratulatory card industry might not be inspired by this example to examine new possibilities and to proceed to new deeds. For that purpose we should warmly recommend the excellent aid and col laboration of the graphic artist Hansjörg Dorschel. Hals- tmd Beinbrudi 39

Gebrauchsgraphik de | 1958 | | page 43