WM 4 is not subject to a temporal limitation of validity therefore prefer to avail themselves of an extract which either consists of a narrow but characteristic cut of a photo, or a poster like piece of graphic art or else of a montage of these two elements, and this incontestably seems to be a method which facilitates ever novel solutions and which does not lead into that blind alley in which male and female models sollicit our interest with the most unusual of postures. The Herrenjournal (Gentlemen's Journal) which appears in Ber lin and whose founder Baron von Eelking ranks among the experts in the field of inter national fashion for gentlemen, has found a cover-designer in the person of Hubert Czer- mak whose experience in the field of ad vertising for the products of fashion verily predestines him for this interesting task. In order to achieve surprise effects he exploits all graphic and photographic techniques, all possibilities of combining photos and draw ings, old and new approaches. That his so lutions retain their illustrative value and vis ual appeal even beyond the moment of purchase lifts them above the mass of quickly obsolescent cover photos. 42

Gebrauchsgraphik de | 1958 | | page 46