Druckschriften der Solvay&Cie. Brochures of the Solvay Company Industries mètallurgique et mècanique 1, 3, 5, 6 Prospektumschlage 2, 4,7 Innenseiten von Prospekten 13, 5, 6 Covers of prospectuses 2,4, 7 Pages of prospectuses 1, 3, 5, 6, Couvertures de prospectus 2,4,7 Pages intérieures de prospectus readers in detail about the historical development and the importance of the enterprise and above all also about the worldwide commercial organisation and the technical achievements of the Solvay Company. What distinguishes these various publications above all, is not only the clear and objective treatment of the individual fields and subjects they were intended to deal with but also, and even more so their outward form through which, with the aid of suitable typo graphic and pictorial means of design those various subjects are brought to the attention of the readers. A fact which, because it is especially remarkable, must be pointed out in this context is, that the subjects treated were in a number of cases rather tough and not exactly suited for such a method of representation. When, with this fact in mind, one critically examines the various bro chures, one will be forced to state and to recognize that almost without exception they objectively and thoroughly fulfill their special functions. They owe their special note and design to a make-up that is as instructive as it is full of life and they show in their graphic and typographic formation an internationally comprehensible and modern design as it is fitting and proper for a company of the consequence of the Solvay Co. This distinguishes them to their advantage from many another similar publication of other important industrial enterprises which even today have not yet found a proper method of presenting their as such excellent products to the public nor to fully exploit their advertising value. 55

Gebrauchsgraphik de | 1958 | | page 59