1 Illustration %u Faust i. Teil: Mephisto: «Wo%u der Larm 1 Illustration spi Faust i. Teil: Walpurgisnacht 3 Illustration %u Faust i. Teil: Mephisto und Faust 1 Illustration for Faust, Part IMephisto: What forthis noise 1 Illustration for Faust Part IWalpurgis Eve 3 Illustration for Faust Part iMephisto and Faust 1 Illustration pour le Faust, ire par tie: Méphisto: Pourquoi ce bruit 2 Illustration pour le Faust, ire par tie: Fa nuit de Walpurgis 3 Illustration pour le Faust, ire partie: Mephisto et Faust Antlitz scheint einer lebendigen Erscheinung ncichgezeichnet zu sein - noch nicht fertig, eiber langst schon genügend vorgestellt. Mit weiter Geste ist der Flügel des Erzengels auf- geschlagen, als ob er die Worte des Prologs im Himmel nachfahren wollte. Die Klinge des Degens, der dem zu Tode getroffenen Va lentin entfallt, braucht fast die halbe Papier- flache allein für sich, um das Gleichgewicht der zur Formulierung gepragten Skizze auf- rechtzuerhalten. So sehr ist Neufeld auf seine Kompositionen bedacht. REMIGIUS NETZER A series of illustrations by Wilhelm Neu feld for Faust, Part I without any doubt sur pass the average artistic representation by far. They are ink-drawings put on small-grain ed, slightly roughened paper with a Chinese brush. They are certainly the result of lengthy meditation and numerous sketches, for the lines are so convincingly abridged that only an artist could draw them who masters his technique and who has thoroughly analysed his subject. For all that there is still enough room for the playfulness or even extra vagance of a duct, provided it contributes as it were a hint of pictorial ornamentation oremphasizesan atmosphere.There isMephi- sto, characterized with but a few lively strokes as he steps from behind the fire-place upon Faust's conjuration: the curious and tensed expression on the face of the scholar, his striped garments, a warily extended hand and a foot put forward, the cloven foot. The mutual affection, the union of Faust and Gretchen are expressed by a complete fusion of forms and the characters of the two fig ures find expression in an alteration between delicate and strong lineaments. What will- o'-the-wisps above the heads and the figures on the drawing «Walpurgis Night,» what flickering and vibrating! Faust's countenance seems to have been drawn from a living vision - not yet finished, but long since well- familiar. With a wide gesture the arch-angel extends its wing as though to retrace the words of the Prologue in Heaven. The blade of the rapier which drops from the fatally wounded Valentin's hand, takes up almost half of the page in order to maintain the balance of this formulated sketch. This dem onstrates the amount of deliberation Neu feld puts into his compositions. Les illustrations concues par Wilhelm Neu feld pour le Premier Faust sont sans conteste d'un niveau artistique bien supérieur a la moyenne. II s'agit d'un cycle de dessins a I'encre de Chine, exécutés avec le pinceau

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