J VOTE TTACK scon BO SUMMERSONG 1 and m TERRY BEFORE ARMTKAÏIO haidè 8e2i 1 X designers Derek Cousins and Tony Oldfield who are both of them in charge of graphic design. Here there work four graphic designers, three graphic artists, two lettering artists, one printing operator, one photographer, one manager and a junior draftsman. It is above all the uncommonly lively leaders which stand out among the work created there. They are mostly intended for direct transmission and therefore must frequently be designed in quite a hurry and sometimes are even improvised. If is, however, exactly this speed which reveals whether or not a designer has ideas. For one occasion the names of the cast are required for the beginning and the end of the show, for another announcements or the variety of things which are embodied in the production. Among the props that must be created «on the spot» there are: authentic-looking head-lines and news-paper articles, posters, letterings on the houses and streets of a given period, banknotes, book and newspaper title-pages, record-cases, illustrated maps and diagrams for educational programs, documents, symbols and signs of all kinds. For this work a thorough knowledge of history and design is required and, if authentic models are not available, a good deal of im agination. In all these designs the «television graphic designers» show an astounding origi nality which probably results from the unusually great artistic freedom which they are granted. Last but not least the Department owes the fame its designs enjoy to a comprehensive policy which it has followed from the outset. The recently opened Studio 5, the biggest television studio of the world, will do its share to increase the quan tity and heighten the quality of the already so successful work of the Associated-Rediffusion. 11 est impossible de se représenter la télévision britannique actuelle sans les éclairs de génie de la publicité moderne. Tandis qu'a l'origine la BBC avait eu Ie monopole de la télévision, comme celui de la radio, les Anglais se virent obligés en 1955 de faire de larges concessions au secteur 28

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