1 w e have already repeatedly had occasion to point out that more and more graphic artists team up for life and work. Here is another instanceBarbara and Hannes Geiss- ler, both of them still young and at the be ginning of their artistic career have worked in close collaboration ever since 1952. Both of them started out as students at the Leip ^^KKSTA'^ LUFTHANSA LUFTHANSA LUFTHANSA i* iÜ M iBgte'S ,®g t r/,;' V A V'\;t.OA 'h/cFNjiHW GERMANY... The heart of Europe, with her mo dern cities, dreamy corners, and historic sites, awaits your visit Ger man hospitality beplns when you board the LUFTHANSA Book your next flight with LUFTHANSA German Airlines. Your AMEXCO Travel Bureau will be pleasec to serve you. THE FINEST SERVICE ON BOARD 1 KAIRO Agypten das Land der Gegensètze Pyramiden und Hochhöuser, jahrtau- sende alte Kunst und moderne Archi- tektur. Ob Sie nun geschaftllch Oder privat relsen. die Super-G der LUFT HANSA brlngt Sie schnell und bequem nach Kalro Ihr IATA-Re'seburo berat Sie gern. NIZZA ..AdieuTrlstessei Sonnlger Hlmmel. ein herrllcher Strand. Blumenkorsos. Gala- feste Nlzza sorgt dafür. daB auch seine verwöhntesten Gaste immer neu über- raschtslnd Und schon an Bord beglnnt Ihr Uriaub ihr lATA-Reisebüro berat Sie gern. FUHREND I M SERVICE AN BORD FUHREND I M SERVICE AN BORD quenten Lösungen interessiert. In beiden schlummern also noch ungenutzte Möglich- keiten, die ihrer produktiven Auswertung entgegensehen. LUDWIG EBENHÖH zig School of Applied Art and attended clas ses in lettering, applied graphic art and free drawing. But soon they took the leap into practice and did free-lance work for the Leipzig Fair. Subsequently they moved to Cologne and after having been employed for some time by advertising studios they went again into business for themselves in 1953. Between then and now they did not have much time to develop their talents freely but the present selection from their work proves that they have created good designs just the same. Their designs are the result of a very close collaboration. Barbara, who incidentally would love to illustrate books sometime, contributes the figural parts of the designs. Hannes Geissler by contra- distriction, is mainly interested in strict and terse graphic art as a basis of really logical solutions. Both of them show promise of tal ents which wait to be utilized productively. Nous avons souvent évoqué, dans les der- niers temps, les cas ou de jeunes graphistes s'étaient unis en une équipe de travail con jugale. En voici un exemple de plus: Barbara 46

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