1 i m AVE MARIA DOMINUS TECUM LET US GO OVER TO BETHLEHEN ALL POWER IN HEAVEN AND EARTH HAS BEEN GIVEN TO ME LUKE 28:18 1 HE SENT FORTH ALSO THE DOVE HAIL O CROSS. OUR ONLY HOPE! BLESSED ART THOU AMONG WOMEN! influence should be a good one. Among the few persons who have not only realized this situation but also tried to bring about a change, there is the American Norman La I i- berté. He instructs young students of the Department of Arts at the Saint Mary's Col lege of Notre Dame University, Indiana. He teaches them a variety of graphic techniques and experiments with them in many fields of art. He designs the prospectuses and invi tations for the College and has created a large series of devotional pictures.They make no pretense at being great art. They are printed in monochrome and frequently only show a lamb, a heart or a dove. The art of our time which strives so hard for a last simplification of form, has also found its ex pression in these modest devotional pictures. The style of the drawings recalls the first symbolic representations of Christendom when the faithful met in childlike piety. They were open-minded and un-spoilt, just like children are at the beginning. And it is a beautiful trait of our time that many artists have recognized the truthfulness of the pic torial expressions of that time and thus retie the bonds with Early Christianity. 51

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