ÈÖSMl Anbohrgerate zum Flanschen Armaturen to be totally absorbed in them and devotes himself to purely artistic problems of design which have nothing to do with his commer cial work. Thus it is characteristic of him that in the last year he has spent months travelling in Spain, Tunesia and Finland, quite deliberately assuring for himself ex tended opportunities for independent ar tistic work. He never has severed his ties with free art but has, quite on the contrary, received fructifying impulses from it as clearly visible from his commercial art which is distinguished by imaginativeness and vividness as much as by the clarity and richness of his creative idiom. Le problème capital du graphisme publici taire réside, de nos jours, dans I'effort con stant auxquels doivent se soumettre les ar tistes pour atteindre a une synthèse expres sive entre forme et but, évitant autant que possible les compromis commodes qui cau- seraient tót ou tard leur perte. Ce genre d'activité requiert de celui qui s'y livre le sens de la création artistique et une réelle intelligence; on est heureux de constater Rohrabschnetder mif Sthneidrddern

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