I he reverberation of the various styles and epochs of popular art is like an echo that makes itself heard only a long time after the creative genius has intoned a new melody. But the same circumstance explains why popular art affects us with an entirely individual tonality and with modulations of the greatest charm. The custom of retaining on targets all events and moods which were important in the life of the people probably dates back even beyond the year 1600, since the masterful pictorial composition in the round of a target which distinguishes the oldest samples known to us (all of them dating from this time) would seem to indicate a long and even earlier tradition. The rifle-associations represent the very first burgher organisations, some of which demonstrably have existed since the Middle Ages. With the rifle-associations and fraternities the burghers created a strong instrument with which to assert and defend themselves and their privileges against the greed of power of nobles and princes. The significance of this self-defense and the proud self-assertion of a class awakening to a sense of its own importance, are evident in the artistic manifestations of these associations, and the targets are the by far most popular and memo rable among these artistic witnesses. Since these Die abgebildeten Farbphotographien sind dern im Verlag F'.Bruckmann, Münchenerschienenen Buch Trijf ins Schwarge von Claus und Fiselotte Hansmann entnommen. The color photos are taken from the book Trijf ins Schtvarge by Claus and Fiselotte Flatismann, published by BruckmannPublishing-HouseMunich Les photographies en couleurs sont empruntées a I 'ouvrage de Claus et Liselotte Hansmann Droit au but paru aux Editions Bruckmann, Munich. ivelt l (in und kel- sie der ahr- :he, an- ilen upt 'or- 'ro- ga- ang rch ien atik lich rie- Die an 'on her rch ind :hs- NN

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