1 6 An^eigenfür Imperial Chemical Industries Ltd. LondonS. W. I 1 6 Advertisements for the Imperial Chemical Industries Ltd.London 1 6 Annonces pour les Imperial Chemical Industries Ltd., LondresS. W. i Entwiirfedesignsmaquettes: 1 Derrick Haas - A.V. Stanford 2 Director: D. A. Pratt 3 Derek Cousins Silicones interessieren. Einige Zahlen: Monatlich müssen für etwa 500 Publikationen Anzeigen geschaffen und variiert und jahrlich etwa 1200 Werbeschrif- ten aller Art gestaltet werden. Einige weitere Arbeitsgebiete: Plakate, Etiketten, Packungen, Kalender, Hausmagazine. Wahrend die visuelle Planung meist im Studio reift, schöpft man da- neben aus den Quellen freier Mitarbeit. Leiter des Studios ist Art Director Mr. J. E. Maunton. Die hier gezeigten Arbeifen verdienen um so mehr Anerkennung, als die Werbung der Imperial Chemical Industries so erhebliche Ausmabe hat und man trotzdem einen demokratischen, ge- meinsamen Nenner gefunden hat. MEYER LONDON 20 Since 1926, when Imperial Chemical Industries was born by the merger of four of Britain's largest chemical concerns, the chemical industry has undergone many changes. ICI, for example, has developed, among other things, plastics, synthetic drugs and fibres-entirely new products that are creating a social revolution, yet are already taken for granted by the man in the street. The manufacture of finished products, which reach the consumer directly over the counter, has in recent years been added to ICI's primary task of supplying industry with its chemical raw materials. Thus the task of the company's publicity department has broadened and extended substantially in order to fulfil its function of a central servicing department to ICI's eleven manufacturing divisions. Obviously each of these aspects necessitates individual publicity with farsighted planning. The adver tisements in the trade and technical press, ad dressed to a relatively narrow circle of special ists must be very different in copy and con ception from advertisements in daily newspapers with a circulation of millions addressed to Mr. Everyman. Furthermore, many avenues for effective publicity, e. g. the editorial columns of newspapers and the broadcasting time of public radio and television companies, are not for sale. The company is active, therefore, in maintaining good relations with both press and Art Director: J. E. Maunton 4 Derrick Hass Art Director: D. A. Pratt 5,6 Charles Pickard - A.V. Stanford T O F* A N O Lphenoli, untie*".' mi offer excellent qualities for use in rubbers and plastics particularly in Natural rubber latex Top.inol' P 'Topmol OC, and Topmol' A Styrene-butadlene copolymer laticos are I.C.I, anhondants of the trialkylphenol type. High-Impact styrene polymers The Topanol' range includes high-quality Polythene - food wrappings 26-ditei\butyl-p-cresol Amines Versatile amines VERSATILE I.C.I. AMINES Monomethylam Dimethylamine Trimethylamine Monoethylamin Diethylamine Triethylamine Stabilised

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