einseitiges Spezialistentum bewahrt haben, und seine immerwahrende Auseinandersetzung mit den künstlerischen Problemen der Zeit und den praktischen Aufgaben seines Berufes sind auch die Ursachen fr seine sichtbaren Lehrerfolge an der Stuttgarter Akademie der bildenden Künste, deren graphische Abteilung heute eine der führenden internatio nalen Ausbildungsstatten des graphischen Nachwuchses ist. Brudis Schaf- fensproben, die wir hier zeigen, veranschaulichen überzeugend, daB seine Arbeit nicht den flüchtigen Ismen und wechselnden Moden des Ta- ges unterliegt. Sie tragt vielmehr den unverkennbaren Stempel seiner persönlichen Eigenart, der er von Anbeginn an bis zum heutigen Tage treu geblieben ist. EBERHARD HöLSCHER ^Valter Brudi, of whose work we again show some new samples after a lengthy interval, belongs to that generation of approximately 50-year- olds, who were still taught by the great pioneers of German commercial graphic art. He produced excellent practical and matter-of-fact work in the fields of industrial and commercial advertising when he was still a young man and had just finished his artistic training. Later on, during his stay in Munich, he more and more turned to the book, to typography and letter-designing. After his extremely honorific appointment to the directorship of the Class of Book Art and Typography at the Stuttgart Fine Arts Academy, whose president he is at this moment, there devel oped, in addition to his responsible teaching, a very fruitful and har monious co-operation with important domestic and foreign publishing- houses and type-foundries. The present publication shows a part of the varied creations by Walter Brudi, and reveals the extraordinary scope of his abilities, which embrace everything, from free illustration to the strict laws of typography. His mental agility and artistic versatility, which have preserved him from falling prey to onesided specialisation, and his indefatigable study of contemporary artistic problems and of the practical aspects of his profession, are also the reason of his manifest success as a teacher at the Stuttgart Fine Arts Academy, whose Depart ment of Graphic Art is today one of the leading international training centers for young graphic artists. The samples of Brudi's work which we show here, are convincing proof, that his art is not subject to the tran sitory isms and changing fashions of the day. On the contrary, it bears the unmistakable stamp of his personality and individuality to which he has ever remained faithful. ^Valter Brudi, auquel nous consacrons a nouveau, après un certain laps de temps, un article et des reproductions récentes, fait partie d'une génération qui atteini la cinquantaine et dont les mattres ont été les pionniers du graphisme publicitaire en Allemagne. Dès la fin de ses étu des, notre artiste s'est appliqué a résoudre des problèmes quotidiens et Linke und rechte Seite: Presseillustrationen Le ft and right page: Press illustrations Pages de gauche et de droite: Illustrations de presse 27

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