lichkeiten. Die bisher voriiegenden Strukturen sind von Kranz auf ihre Brauchbarkeit als Tapete hin konzipiert und bereits praktisch erprobt. Darüber hinaus lassen sich natürlich noch sehr viele andere graphische oder malerische Möglichkeiten finden, die in ihrem Zusammenklange lebendige und in sich geschlossene Flachen ergeben. EBERHARD HÖLSCHER The Marburg wall-paper factory has for some time now produced so- i called «rapport-less wall-papers,» a technological innovation which I naturally came as a surprise to wall-paper manufacturers, because these new hangings break with the traditional «rapport wall-papers.» This novel paper offers the advantage that the several strips no longer have to be accurately fitted and matched and therefore are much easier to handle and also are more economical. This new type of wall-paper owes its existence to the Hamburg painter and graphic artist Kurt Kranz who some years ago was given an opportunity to experiment with big wall paper printing-machines which, as is well known, produce a steady flow of identical wall-paper bearing the identical pattern that has been fed into the machine. Kurt Kranz, an alert and inventive head, who has for a long time devoted himself to the study of modern problems of serial design, now decided to replace the steady and monotonous re-iteration of designs by nalural variations. After long and varied deliberations he succeeded, as he says himself, in «outsmarting the machine, in persuad- RAPPORTLOSE TAPETEN NOVEL WALL-PAPER PA PIERS PE I NTS SANS SYMÉTRIE 36

Gebrauchsgraphik de | 1961 | | page 42