Sport im Bild HMERIKR Johannes Gutenberg BUCHGEWERBE Residenztheater Gefiügel-Ausstellung Danzig Y01EN LONDON ROM M A Samson Deutsches Schützenfest Wiesbaden RÖMERBAD 12 NEROBERG Felte Langfchrift Komische Oper Chicago 75 Stadttheater zu Brussel FARGER FOR GRAFISKA BRANSCHER Grand Rote) du Rhin 69 San Marco diVenezia DANSK SPAREKASSE ODENSE H 7 J 9 unbiassed evaluation we shall suddenly dis cover some very interesting and instructive traits. For we encounter not only strangely shaped and elaborate letters but also very precise and dramatic creations which un mistakably foreshadow the Japanese in fluence evident in the far later Eckmann-let- ters. And even the entirely matter-of-fact ap pearance of other designs betrays a clear tendency towards the evolution of those grotesques which play a dominating role today. Therefore it would seem to us that we ought to revise our judgement on those early lettered type-faces. True, most of them do not yet possess a consistent design, but many of them already contain the seeds of many good and promising developments whose final fruits we encounter many years later. Truth and fairness demand that in ret rospect we regard even the seeming chaos of those days as a valuable phase in the con sistent and organic development of European lettering. Il ne s'agit pas ici de littérature, mais, plus simplement, de dessin de lettres. C'est en 1900 en effet que paraissait I'innovation du peintre et graphiste hambourgeois Otto Eck- mann, hardiment dessinée au pinceau, et qui 1 «Fette Langschrift)Entwurf 1902 und 1903, Entwerfer Prof. Paul Lang 2 SamsonEntwurf um 1900, Entwerfer unbekannt 3 Segessions-GroteskEntwurf um 1900 Entwerfer unbekannt h «Universal-Steinschrift», Entwurf um 1900, Entwerfer unbekannt t «Extra bold and condensed type-face)) about 1902-19031 «Caractères gras»maquette 19 0 2 et 19 0 3 designer by Prof. Paul Lang 2 «.Samson» about 1900), designer unknown 3 Secessions-grotesqueabout 1900), designer unknown b Universal Litho Type-face(about 1900 designer unknown du Prof. Paul Lang 2 Samsonmaquette vers 1900Auteur inconnu 3 Grotesque Secessionmaquette vers 1900 Auteur inconnu <4 Lithographie universelle», maquette vers 1900, Auteur inconnu 2506 Corps 48 ca. 18 kg 2507 Corps 60/48 ca. 12 oder 18 kg Bach Verdi MflQRIQ 2508 Corps 72/60 ca. 14 oder 20 kg Kalender Corps 84/72 ca. 16 oder 24 kg 2277 Corps 10 ca.5 kg 2278 Corps 12 ca.6kg 2279 Corps 16 ca.Hkg 2280 Corps 20 ca. 8 kg 2281 Corps 28 ca. 10 kg 2282 Corps 36 ca. 12 kg QOrarilK 1Ehrendiplom 33

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