Veranstalturigen in Stuttgart Veranstaltungen in Stuttgart 1969 MMttifiiii Veranstaltungen in Stuttgart Veranstaltungen in Stuttgart Veranstaltungen in Stuttgart April 1969 Veranstaltungen in Stuttgart Dezember 1969 Veranstaltungen in Stuttgart Oktober 1969 the human face, appears in the most incred ible guises: a head cut into a lot of slices (page 14, figure 4), a face distorted to the right and to the left (page 11, figure 7) or else an inverted face (page 10, figure 5) which makes the viewer automatically wonder: now who is normal, you or I? - With this style of representation, Renate and Frieder Grindler have not blazed a new trail, for this sort of intriguing question has been asked by many artists and in many times. What is new here is the method and purpose of representation: advertising contemporary theater plays. These posters challenge the viewer's facul ties of comprehension and interpretation. In their totality they add up to a critical reflec tion of our own time. This couple naturally does not limit their artistic activities to the design of theater posters. They also create book covers, programs and TV-titles. The latter are destined for the Süddeutsche Rund funk where Frieder Grindler heads the de partment of TV-graphics. The two artists themselves define what is so special about their work: «The theater posters and all other designs are the fruits of our leisure- hours.» 6-13 15

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