Mayfatt Branch with The Royal Bank of Scotland. Their sur vey took several weeks, before finishing a report to the General Managers of the two old banks. There was close liaison between Allied and the architectural departments in applying the new identity to bank exteriors. The functional nature of the banking profes sion lends itself to the economy of form which is reflected in the new corporate image. The symbol expresses efficiency, security, stability and concentration of wealth. The identity also allows for future diversifi cation of the banking group into other areas 3 1 Firmenschild aus Bronze an dem Hauptgebëude der «Royal Bank of Scotland» 2, 4 Signet, aus rostfreiem Stahl angefertigt. und Beschriftung einer Filiale der «Royal Bank of Scotland 3 Autobeschriftungen von Lieferwagen der Royal Bank of Scotland» 1 Bronze plaque on the head-office of the Royal Bank of Scotland» 2, 4 Stainless steel signet, and lettering on a branch-office of the «Royal Bank of Scotland» 3 Lettering on delivery-trucks of the «Royal Bank of Scotland» 1 Plaque en bronze sur Ie siège de la «Royal Bank of Scotland» 2, 4 Emblème en acier inoxydable et enseigne d'une filiale de la Royal Bank of Scotland» 3 Inscriptions sur les voitures de livraison de la «Royal Bank of Scotland» 23

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