new ideas were born, sheet after sheet was filled with ever new grotesque heads, fabu lous beings, dragons, automobiles, gangsters and vampires. No child of his teeming imagi nation was too absurd to be retained in a drawing. After nine years, Nastvogel grad uated from grammar school and began his German studies at the university of Erlangen. But even as a future philologist he remained faithful to his passion: he continued drawing, his sketchbooks grew bigger and bigger, complex ornaments reflected, as it were, the intricate wanderings of his mind, and the entire pandemonium of his untrammelled imagination broke loose in them. Not enough with this, he also tried his hand at writing and produced short plays, macaber poems, mystery comics and even found time to produce his own slapstick grotesques on eight-millimeter film which translated his drawings into animated pictures. As yet, Nastvogel is an unknown cartoonist - but he is not likely to remain one for long. Kurt-Uwe Nastvogel est né en 1948 dans Ie quartier nurembergeois de Gostenhof. A peine put-il tenir un crayon a la main qu'il se mit a griffonner d'étranges bonshommes sur les murs, les parquets ou les tapisseries, bref sur tout ce qui lui paraissait requérir un em- 52

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