ARDRA CAPS MANIA Modische Schrifttypen aus Amerika Fashionable Type-Faces From America Caractères a la mode d'Amerique OflTfl PROCESS «Letters are something to read is the con ventional definition of all print. But a look at these two pages will be sufficient to destroy that popular view, for to a certain extent even typography is influenced by fashion which does not shrink from gently tampering with the genuine nature and purpose of things as long as it achieves its major pur pose: attracting attention. The way in which fashion achieves this end becomes the characteristic, the «typical» feature of the respective era, and the word «typical» is very closely related to «type.» And «type is money,» a pun we read in one of the lines published here and which can be equally applied to fashions and typography. If in recent decades type-faces only rarely re flected the extremes of prevailing fashion, the reason was not only that the designers of new type-faces were mindful of the strict laws which govern the world of Roman type, but also for purely rational reasons. After all, quite a lot of money is invested into type faces before they are actually cast in lead and used in printing, and so care must be taken to assure a long and successful exist ence. The legions of leaden type-faces will probably be somewhat decimated sooner or later, for they have already been partly re placed by CRT-printing and photographic 46

Gebrauchsgraphik de | 1970 | | page 48