A une cigarette qui vous repose de toutes les autres Royale Menthol e. - t travi already counts 7or 8agenciesforwhich créa- tivité is synonymous with sales. Chour- gnoz is one of these new-type agences a vendre The above is a quotation from the foreword of a brochure published by the pro gressive and successful agency Chourgnoz Publicité which contains outstanding photo graphic advertising creations. They are tops not only by French but also by international standards. Jean-Marie Chourgnoz, the founder and heart of this agency, has devoted many years to successful photographic research. At our request he described in the following the genesis of one of his creations: Taking or selecting some beautiful photograph and add ing a text is out of the question. What we call creation calls for stage-setting and team work. The photographic creation begins with deliberations and discussions in which the following people participate: a rédacteur-con- cepteur (conception editor), the art director and his assistant, the photographer and his assist- 3 1 Ausschnitt von 2 2, 3 Weinanzeigen 4, 5 Zigarettenanzeigen 1 Details of 2 2. 3 Wine ads 4, 5 Cigarette ads 1 Détail de 2 2, 3 Annonces pour vins 4, 5 Annonces pour cigarettes Art Director: 1. 2 JEAN LAURENT 3 MARC CHAMBON 4, 5 NADINE NIMIER Entwurf, design, maquette: 1, 2, 4. 5 HENRY CHANEY 3 EMMANUEL YALOPOULOS Foto: 1. 2 JEAN VALENTIN 3-5 YVES AUDIBERT vous fume* une blonde? ou une brune? evec ou sans filtre? qu'importe! vous almez changer de temps S autre, changer pour is presence legére, changer pour la lumee fraiche de la 5

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