lias x Walter rAJSchmögner tion, the end of the world and similar old-fashioned super-stuff which in Vienna can only be sold in a slightly singed condition. Walter Schmögner is a master of the smoke screen. The 28-year-old artist repands an almost forgotten tea-coziness of droll, eye-twinkling me- ticulousness when he describes for children the life of a solid family of dragons (Insel publishing-house) or takes them to Mrs. Beeston's Animal Clinic (Jugend Volk). But his figures seem to cover themselves with mold and to shrink in adult company. For, then the dear uncle who draws such pretty pictures, all of a sudden reveals himself as a master of the chic coffin, as an apocalyptic thrower of bones who tolls the bell for everyone. And that with an alarm clock which in nine phases works itself down to its very cog-wheels - an Austrian version of Bis marck's motto aliis inserviendo consumor (I consume myself in the service of others). What he creates with his drawing pencil actually reminds one of the popular theater of old Vienna: an exuberant, fairy like parody of contemporary styles and scenes - which is almost beyond being funny because the maliciously ground-up motives yield a new poesy which in its turn is deeply touching. The horrified viewer Supe ri>iro( presents: Walter Schmögner, Wien 16 SupeKfoint

Gebrauchsgraphik de | 1971 | | page 22