learns, for instance, in the last pictures of super bird (a sharply ironical parody of the US Bang-Bang series) what a real, final and ultimate end is: at first there appears the word End, it explodes, and where its fragments touch the ground, a number of flowers begin to grow and entertwine, once more forming the word End. But then they begin to fade and shrink - spreading their horrible decay to the background which sags down like a worn-out piece of drapery. A multiple ending like in Beethoven's 5th symphony: one almost feels that it will never end. But what makes Schmögner so rare and unas sailable: he does not supply conventional arguments for public accu sation or a change of society although his wit might be deadly, if he decided to do so. He rather stands in the service of children and of those who insist on remaining child-like. And, after all, there is a grow ing dearth of people who are able to fly a triple decker or else use a camouflaged espresso machine as a motor bike. Chuckle, chuckle. Celui-la se passe de commentaire: son pays s'appelle Ploppwu-u- umwha-aasch, ses personnages ont des têtes de patate et des doigts Sopci SuperbircJ 17

Gebrauchsgraphik de | 1971 | | page 23