Ehe Trieb und Trott Klischee Offset Gerd Gering Leona Siebenschön zw3hen Eine frivob Sozologie Walter Vogt Wüthrich Roman KLAUS ENDRIKAT 12 Buchumschlage 3 Kalender 4, 7 Umschlage einer Studentenzeitschrift 5 Illustration 6 Neujahrsglückwunsch 1,2 Book jackets 3 Calendar 4, 7 Covers of a students' magazine 5 Illustration 6 Season's greetings 1,2 Jaquettes de livres 3 Caiendrier 4, 7 Couvertures d'une revue d'étudiants 5 Illustration 6 Carte de vceux Entwurf, design, maquette: 1,2,4,7 ENDRIKAT 3, 5, 6 ENDRIKAT WENN Klaus Endrikat, 31 years old, is a full-blooded graphic artist, who devoted the time between 1959 and 1967 to thorough studies at the School of Applied Art in Aix-la-Chapelle and the Academy of Fine Arts in Düsseldorf. Today he skilfully avails himself of all the possibilities of contemporary graphic design. In this he does not, however, distinguish himself from many of his German professional colleagues - 3 51 Aachen Eisenbahnweg 30a Ruf 59059 59050 Oktober Georg Dietrich Offset Pee Wee Autotypie 1925-19.. 1905-1968 1881-1943 1734-1798 for the application of what can be learned does not yet make one a creative personality. But the purely technical is for Endrikat merely a means towards an end, the vehicle for the realisation of ideas which he retains with inex haustible imagination. Endrikat, a master of the art of drawing, who penetrates into sur realistic worlds with his pop art, creates drastically voluminous figures in human, animal and abstract shape. We find the fruits of his imagination on posters, calendars, book- covers, magazine title and many other ob jects - in one word on everything we encounter in our every day and which therefore appears quite ordinary and natural to us. The latter phenomenon can, it is true, only be explained by the super-abundance of optical impres sions, for only the exceptionally different still Wie teuer ist linker Idealismus? 4x200- 1x400 Der Projektleiter als ganzta ^Weihnachts 36

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