carriages but also on cars, trucks and all other sorts of vehicles. The carriage painters frequently cultivate a personal style. Usually the painters are practically free in their choice of subject and the client only prescribes the lettering which is mostly written in the local dialect and consists of such humorous statements as Fortunate Adam! You had no mother-in-law! or What weighs so heavily is not the cargo - it's the taxes! One even encounters erotical letterings or senti mentally poetical effusions such as: Mother is the most beautiful flower in the garden of life etc. The soul of the people is authentically reflected here in word and image. The contact of man with his environ- 2 1 Karosserie «Carassa» 2, 3 Wagentüren mit dem Portrat von Carlos Gardel, dem beliebten Tango- sanger Argentiniens 4 Seitenansicht eines bemalten Wagens 1 Body «Carassa» 2, 3 Carriage-doors with the portrait of Carlos Gardel, the popular Argentinian Tango singer 4 Lateral view of a painted carriage 1 Carosserie «Carassa» 2, 3 Portières de voiture avec le portrait de Carlos Gardel, un célèbre chanteur de tangos argentin 4 Vue latérale d'une voiture peinte Künstler, painters, décorateurs: 1 LEON UNTROIB 2-4 CARLOS CARBONI 51

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