Un éditeur en quête d'emblème Résultats du concours des Editions Bertelsmann GmbH 1 1Preis, 1 st prize, 1 e prix: GÜNTH ER JÜ RGEN BAHR 2 2. Preis, 2nd prize, 2ème prix: HELMUT M. SCHMITT-SIEGEL 3 3. Preis, 3rd prize, 3ème prix: HANSWERNER KLEIN 4-8 ERWIN POELL 9 HANSWERNER KLEIN 10 HANSWERNER KLEIN/PETER-JÜRGEN CAHRL 11-17 GÜNTHER JÜRGEN BAHR 18-20 HOLGER MATTHIES bessere Arbeiten eingereicht. Es kann sich deshalb nur urn ein Fehlurteil der Jury handeln; und wenn wir in der Ausschreibung lesen, dab von sechs Preis- richtern allein fünf Herren dem Unternehmen Bertelsmann angehören, so liegt die SchluBfolgerung einer betriebsblinden Jury nahe. Um ein gutes Wettbewerbs- ergebnis zu erzieien, genügt es also nicht, nur gute Grafiker aufzufordern. Der Kreis der Preisrichter ist so zusammenzustellen, dab mindestens die Halfte der Juroren aus Fachpreisrichtern besteht, die von auberhalb des ausschreibenden Unternehmens kommen. JAN BERGER Signet competitions can always be sure to elicit great interest, because they offer all participants a chance either to introduce themselves to the public or else to call their names to mind. But the larger the number of participants, the smaller the chances to win a prize and, therefore, it is not surprising that the best graphic designers no longer bother to take part in open competitions, for the time they have to invest in a good design is entirely disproportions! to the pos sibility of winning an award as one of a thousand and more competitors. This is why the big competitions are above all popular among the younger, as yet unknown graphic designers, and the sponsors of such events use them not last of all as a relatively cheap advertising campaign. The Bertelsmann group of publishers decided to get the desired signet in a different way. It invited six graphic designers, some of whom well-known, to sketch an effective signet for a fee of 1,000 DM each. That signet would have to figure on all book-covers and on all other advertising media of the publishing-house such as posters, brochures ads, etc. The conditions of the competition stated among others: For technical reasons, the drafts should not be too thin and delicate. Another pre-requisite is that two designs must be created on the basis of a B while the appearance of 14 20 55

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