©J Japanese and possess outstanding charm in our Western eyes. The colours of the Japanese posters are particularly fascinating, which is not so very surprising, after all, when one re members that Tokyo shares the same latitude with Tripoli. It is with great satisfaction that we have observed in recent years the return of a number of well known Japanese designers to their own old traditions. All the three ten dencies embodied by Japanese designers today reflect the same high artistic level inspired by a most sophisticated and elaborate esthetic tradition of many centuries. The post ers reproduced here, furnish visual proof of this statement. The interesting selection is the work of Professor Shin-lchi Watanabe, College of Arts of Nihom University Tokyo and of Professor Eugen Funk, professor of applied art at the Staatliche Akademie der bildenden Künste, Stuttgart. Under the name POSTERS NIPPON the collection will be shown in sever al German cities as well as in Zurich, Switzer land. Le röle de I'affiche est d'informer, de trans- mettre un message publicitaire, de témoigner ft 0 1.2 Plakatefürein Puppentheater 3 Theaterplakat 1,2 Posters for a puppet theater 3 Theater poster 12 Affiches pour un théatre de marionnettes 3 Affiche dethéêtre Entwurf, design, maquette: 1.2 KUNITO TOMII 3 AWAZU/HOSOVA 9

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