technical systems and functions, the descrip tion of the manufacturing process right up to the paint bath of the body and the concise description of all dashboard instruments. Occasionally this matter-of-fact-ness is carried to the point of sobriety - as in the case of Porsche. This car is a rocket on wheels. But the photos in the brochure rather look like the coolly distanced pictures taken during an automobile salon. And yet there is some justi fication for this manner of presentation which is being practiced by practically all car manu facturers, for, in the last analysis, it conveys no more and no less than: everybody who knows something about cars will duly appreci ate our make. So, what's the use of cheap gags? It is true that the one or the other bro chure is enlivened by occasional allusions to High Snobiety and dynamic management, but the main purpose of all those brochures is no doubt to furnish complete information on nearly all aspects of operation. And this thoroughness inevitably creates an impression of trustworthiness. The buyer is not emotional ly overwhelmed but visually convinced. - Like picture, like copy. The texts tell the reader everything about the engines and their HP's 2 24 i

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