Rekord-Zuver Automobilprospekte aus Europa und Amerika European and American Automobile Brochures Prospectus automobiles d'Europe et d'Amérique Linke und rechte Seite, left and right page, pages de gauche etde droite: Prospekttitel und Innenseiten für Opel Rekord Title and pages of a brochure for Opel Rekord Couverture et pages de prospectus pour Opel Rekord aeim» spnctiwörtiöifln Quamsten Weil uberelt Aulotahrw vernOnfbg vergfaichen, Payor »ie kauten, Rekord: 06 bia 90 PS. Zw«i- odor viortBrigo Umoueinen. Coupé und .L'-Modella Und dw sportlich starve Sprint mi! 106 PS- Dor Rekord wt in Europa der meWgekaufle Wagan seiner Kiasee Europa achStrt Bin ala die richtige Kombination von Vermin*, Lalslung und Reprfisentation Intamattonaie Bewahrung hat die Idee dea Rekord verbréitot Inter national afterkannt and about the entire technical equipment, about comfort and, above all, about safety which is the most universally presented argument of all. Starting speeds and top speeds naturally also play a great part in the descriptions. No where however (with the possible exception of Alfa Romeo's somewhat too insistent claim on passing everything else on the road), is there a deliberate glorification of the intoxica tion of speed. As in the case of BMW, em phasis is placed on the pleasures of safe driv ing. Opel imaginatively argues with its reasonable conception. Mercedes centers on beauty and solidity. Audi and NSU in their turn create the image of fair and sportsman like driving. - The layout, typography and graphic design of all brochures are good. Skilfully selected or emphasized details create additional interest. Illustrations and copy form a perfect harmony rarely encountered in other ads or, even less, in poster design. In the case of Renault and Citroën we even find an ideal combination of pop art style and childlike illustrations with the exact and functional re presentation of the technical aspects. French brochures, especially those for Citroën, more ever contain a liberal dash of Gallic humor. 28

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