■>- i We make different Malibus for different people. ;fBr" v-rt* 5^rlr Automobilprospekte aus Europa und Amerika European and American Automobile Brochures Prospectus automobiles d'Europe et d'Amérique 1-4 Prospektinnenseiten, pages of brochures, pages de prospectus Automobiltype, make of automobile, modèles: 1 GM Pontiac« Grand Prix» 2,4 GM 1 971 Malibu/Chevelle/SS 3 GM Pontiac«The Judge» Malibu com.- in lour m.nl-.-K. Malibu S].rt Coupe. Malibu Sport Sedan. Malibu Convertible. And Malibu 4-l>x>r Sedan, The coupe and on a 112-inch wbeelbase. The sedans take mx passengers evr a 116-inch wheelba*. A |x>wer top is now standard equipm with the convertible black or white. Mirror acrylic 15 colors. 13 of them available •avertible. By the irable you don't hav 365 hor design IM lor all models that finish 1-la-hp Turbo-Thrift ailable with sport sedan iblei and a 20u-hp Turbo-Fire 307 VS ivailable if you like, up 'v It v 2 ttfótfiJttkilIk - »-A.sate f .1 k?'.A-.f S •'tsZ •V- - i'"***" V"' - - - j it*1.4' 30

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