1971 Chevelle. Look «hat's in it for you, The car is presented as a unique product free from all fashionable pretentions and, for that very reason, it gains particular attraction in the eyes of the individualist, - How flat the brochures of an American car manufacturer look by comparison. Huge cars, blown up to gigantic proportions, highlighted by skilful retouching - all of them mere status symbols. And then the unnatural poses of the human environment. The automobile and its users - here in Walt-Disney-look. Les prospectus réalisés par I'industrie auto mobile européenne que nous présentons ici ont tous un caractère commun: ils s'efforcent de donner sur Ie produit qu'est I'auto un maxi mum d'information concrète. La beauté dévê- tue qui trónait en figure de proue sur Ie radia- teur a bien fait son temps. Tout au plus se permet-on encore, comme pour la 1300 GT de British Leyland, d'accrocher I'oeil par deux jambes racées. Partout ailleurs, la technique domine. Représentation photographique ou de processus de fabrication, description de toutes les étapes de la construction, jusqu'au vernissage, explication détaillée du tableau de bord. Parfois même, comme chez Porsche, Safety and Security Features head rtMr-ilnl. Unrigs- ttia-ing rohtntn» I'js**nxer-guard dour ktekfc«it [unvara-iiMunMd kick buttons Safely dfrnr latches and hingt K-*hv b*l Eoetsy -absorbtni; Double panel dot*. I*>"d and trunk fid. Added strength where ii counts. Just pound e with your fist. Double construction ntakes it t sound strong. Standard engines. The standard six-cylinder engine is a 145-hp Turbo- Thrift 25t). Standard VR is a 200-hp Turbo-Fire 307 V8. AH engines feature hydraulic valve lifters for smooth, quiet operation Other engines are a\nibble up to 36a horsepower. {See pp. 14-15.) Side guard beams. Steel rails in the chx>r- added protection and secure feeling to the Chevelle ride. F8I Vr up, regular. For 1071. ail Chevelle engines have been designed to operate efficiently on the new no-iead or low-lead gasolines. In addition to t he lower exhaust emissions attainable wuh this engine fuel combination, there are benefits in longer life for your spark plugs, exhaust system and other engine component s. I f t hese no- lead, low-lead gasolines are not available, any leaded regular grade gasoline with a research ociane number of 9! or higher may be used. Evaporation control system. Reduces the amount of fuel fumes escaping into the atmosphere by channeling them back into the engine. Scaled side terminal energuer battery. Sure it's a little thing. But it helps keep your battery terminals from corroding. And the cables are bolted on so they won't come off. And one is red so you don't get your wires Both bj R«her. Fisher Body is a Division of GM that specializes in building bodies. That's all they do. So doesn't it follow that they probably do it better than anybody? Bush-and-dri rocker panctv They do exactly what they say they do. Actually flush out and dry insides of rocker J panels to help prevent rust (ohioned power. The engine and cushioned with rubber bushings at all mounting points to isolate power teai impulses from the body and frame. inner fenders- Protect the outer fenders from mud, salt, water, sn loll Cod vuspcnsH*! nstmi. Deep coil springs at each wheel, precisely engineered 31

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