TheVW The VW K 70. See it. Drive it. Choose it Own it Love it. 5 FPwMiim <as«aa •wg?r=H5 sSSES&Ssm-..- ar» sTr Automobilprospekte aus Europa und Amerika European and American Automobile Brochures Prospectus automobiles d'Europe et d'Amérique Linke und rechte Seite, left and right page, pages de gauche et de droite: VW-Prospekte, brochures for VW, prospectus pour VW 1-5 VWK70 6-10 VW 1200 und 1302 S This Is VW s largest car It a beautiful Its su- «hos: base and short overhangs Uncluttered preme simplicity ot style makes it tops by Euro- Modern. So ageless in style that we won pean standards Compact bodywork *,th a low- change it basically tor years to come But we II set waist-lme and large window area A long be improving n Because it's a VW This is VWs most prestigious car Not ne->- penslve But then it's a car that catets to mote wishes than many another car in its class It is available w.lh miner 88 bhp {SAEI or 105 bhp iSAEI engine. Each tn two versions Standard and L tfor Itinuryl All lour come already lamous Reliability Workmanah Diagnosis the VW K 70 Drive the VW K 70 - and enjoy its engineering. Love the VW K 70 it opens up a new VW era. 34

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