OUT A BLACK MANIFESTO BY DICK GREGORY Neue Tendenzen der Werbung in den USA New Advertising Tendencies in the USA Nouvelles tendances de la publicité aux Etats-Unis George Wallace was half right when he said/Gregory s not funny any more." The whole truth is that Dick Gregory is far from merely funny these days. His years of immersion in the caldron of our racial strife have transmuted the master comic into a wise, eloquent, and lacerating spokesman for black aspiration, a one-man hot line from the heart of the ghetto to the conscience of White America. Speaking at rallies and on college campuses across the country, running for President, publishing an insightful book Write Me Inll. Gregory has spread the word of black liberation with wit and passion. NowthatMaIcolmXandMartin Luther King aregone,Gregory s is one of the few truth-telling voices left in the land; and, for all its jokes, it leaves no bitter truth untold. Turn this page to find out why it makes George Wallace squirm. ICTA, Dokumentation Nr. 25 1 ICTA, Dokumentation Nr. 25 Documentation ICTA n° 25

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