^2855 You who are about to thirst, we salute you. ipmWM3wff «dg When your mother told you about sanitary napkins, Modess MotherBrown has survived the Civil V&r, the Wbrld TOlrll, the Korean War, and the Vietnam W^r. Wfehope MotherBrown lives longenough toseepeace. But time isrunningout. Mother [Sown isll6yearsold. the advertising style of the turn of the century. It attempts to revive the contrast of those days between technical, constructive sobriety and a more human vision characterised among others by romantic, sentimental and even comical traits. We observe a radical self- liberation from all restrictive rules and princi ples.The whole gamut of historical and modern techniques and expression dominates the scene. The most remote and alien type-faces, I ItiinJ better wttfcCokr She didn't say very much. Did site? told you what napkin she used. Told you how to wear one. when to change it. And, to this day. you're probably still using your mother's brand. Without knowing any more about sanitary napkins than what she told you. If all napkins were the same, knowing so little wouldn't matter But all napkins aren't the same. There are differences. And big ones. For instance. Do you know if your napkin has a lining at the bottom irotcct against accidents? Does it com all of the bottom? Modes» has a moisiuro proof blue lining that cradles every inch of the bottom. And both sides, where accidents also happen. Nobody else has that. And what's your «unitary napkin made of? Lots of paper and tissue may sound good. But it's not very good for absorbing moisture. Modess is made ol special high absorption material. We've also discovered a criss-cross system that's been patented* It distributes moisture throughout the entire napkin. So the napkin absorbs better and you're protected from one-spot soak through Does the top layer of your napkin absorb slowly and leave wetness next to you? The top layer of Modess is made to absorb moisture quickly, into its inner layers, to keep you di ier. - So. now, you know a lot more about sanitary napkins and can buy one more intelligently than you've been doing Maybe you could sit down with your mother and teach het a few new things. 1 Zigarrenanzeige 2 Anzeigefür Nylon- Rei&verschlüsse 3,4 Titel und Innenseite aus einer Jahresgabe des Pratt-lnstituts, NewYork 5 Coca-Cola-Anzeige 6 Anzeige für Frauenhygiene 7 Aus einer Werbebroschüre 1 Cigarad 2 Ad for nylon zippers 3,4 Title and page of an annual gift of the Pratt Institute, NewYork 5 Coca-Cola ad 6 Ad forfemale hygiene 7 From an advertising brochure 1 Annonce pour une marque de cigares 2 Annonce pour des fermetures éclair en nylon 3, 4 Couverture et page d'une publication offerte par le Pratt Institut. NewYork 5 AnnoncepourleCoca-Cola 6 Annonce pour les soins du corps féminins 7 Pages d'une brochure publicitaire Type Director: 1 HARRIS LEWIS/SEYMOUR CHWAST 2 PAULJERVIS 3,4 DAVID BARNETT/RAY BEHAR 5 ALSCULLY 6 BURTON BLUM 7 HERBLUBALIN Typograf: 1 VAIL BALLOW/METROTYPOGRAPHERS 2.5.6 3.4 TRI-ARTS PRESS 7 TYPOGRAPHICS COMMUNICATIONS, INC. ASsooATWiK Aowns»* - -•"uc or rut awcaicas - AV'S.I O* f.Vf

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