It takes you to extremes. '1'v y WJ - W 2 x***" A - A I S? JE'/ Jr Jr -.A- jr ■:i ?l f f-om ih<> sp-.'.7« tho Arc!-; to th« ;<><vls of the Sahara. diamond:- A VVV „sas pol'. J ;,i mst-sarl c quart: antifree.-e w«!re cor thot doesn't use or.ti:V.!»ze bis And vel share are tiill people who iust car.'l :oe it. Most of Ovar the years, 16 jf.iiion Volkswagens hav«* trooped A'tar oil, it :ti!l lokes a certain omount of couroge There" was om VW Alabama thot'troopJ - v.-r 400,000 t have t. go from one axtremo to othmr. In Port Antonio, you still hear about the feats of 3 local men: Captain Bligh, Erroi Flynn, and Samuel Steele. Will Bligh had a temper. "The trees, not the men. get the water!" he roared. So it was mutiny on the bounty. But next trip from Polynesia he brought breadfruit to Port Antonio. We've been eating it like bread since. We owe Will a lot. Errol Flynn had a warm tem perament. Fell in love with Port Antoniti. t And we with him.) Set tled in with wife and daughter, i Who still skas sultry evenings at our Blue Lagoon.) We'll never forget Errol. Samuel Steele is a temperate man. Now. But 50 years ago. it was the Belgian trenches. Hell- fire Corner, a French girl friend and 4 months' leave in Italy be fore returning to family life, a grocery store and yearly airings of the medals on Armistice Day. You hear some tales from Sam. Port Antonio has always at tracted colorful men. Dan Mitchell built a seaside castle here for his F>th century lady love, mixing the cement with sea water. Today, Mitchell's Folly is our loveliest ruin. Dashing 1 ed Ruddock runs our 20ihcentury castle. Frenchman's Cove. Private hotel houses, not rooms. Champagne baths not im possible. Come with checks. Joe Mullins.on the other hand, is 'daddy" host at homey Do Mon levin Lodge with Mrs. Mullins in the kitchen cooking fried chick en. crackling, and coconut pic. Come as you tire I or more of our inns (modest or lavish) and men (likewise), see your travel agent or Jamaica lotirisl Board in Ne w York. San J r;in< iv (i, Los Angeles. hicago. MiamiT<«onto. Mmtreal 44

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