After 3 years, the car that cost the least costs the most. again-, i 7 cat Micron price Ol $610.- ,hon the V'.* 1.3 Volkswagenanzeige 2 Anzeige einer Reiseagentur 4 Anzeigefür Nylon-ReiSverschlïisse Type Director: 1 ROYGRACE 2 ANDYLANGER 3 JIMSCALFONE 4 PAULJERVIS 1,3 Volkswagen ad 2 Ad of a tourist agency 4 Ad for nylon zippers 1,3 Annonce pour Volkswagen 2 Annonce d'une agence devoyages 4 Annonce pourfermetures éclairen nylon all sorts of reproduction techniques con ceivable, calligraphy, a motley variety of forms: everything seems justified as long as it helps to sell the consumer on the respective product. The foresaking of functionalism, of unartistlc advertising in favour of an inclusion of existing cultural media of representation is part of the same phenomenon which Herbert Marcuse baptized the affluent society. In this way, advertising becomes a typical ex pression of contemporary society. The face of former epochs used to be largely shaped by art and science. Today, however, advertis ing is the third formative influence. Advertising undertakes to make up for the loss of a common platform of communication resulting from social atomisation and specialisation by creating a set of verbal and visual expressions of quasi universal validity. This requires, on the one hand, the application of all available media of communication and, on the other hand, the inclusion and creative exploitation of art, technology, and science, of the practical value and exchange value of the commodities, and of specific attitudes of group psychology. The Type Directors Club in New York (TDC) and the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA), which together collected the most typical designs from all spheres of two-di mensional advertising, embody the most re cent state of US-advertising. The samples reproduced here (selected from the 16th annual competition of theTDC and from among the 50 best US-ads of 1969) will help our readers to find their bearings in the contem porary scene. At the same time, European designers will welcome them as inspiring indi cations of new trends and new possibilities in advertising. Tandis que la publicité américaine était restée plus ou moins marquée tout au long des trente dernières années par des considérations fonc- tionnelles, il semble qu'elle redécouvre au- 45

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