Newton's Law: What goes up must come down. Talons Law: What goes up must stay up Mobil IN MEMORY OF THE 1700,000 AMERICA! WHO DIED FOR NOTHIIV Ride Bicycle* that don't go anywhere. Eat watercress, if it makes you happy. But don't change for me. The suit is supposed to fit youwhy should to tit the suit? Or pants, or coat What am I Why when T get through fitting, the suit wi >.o.. -.vil! «ant to sour weight Why did I apprentice all those years if not I So what' bathing suita? 1 groupes. Le Type Directors Club de New York (TDC) et The American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) ont réuni les travaux les plus caractéristiquesde la réclame bi-dimensionnel- le pour donner un apergu de la publicité amé- ricaine actuelle. Les exemples reproduits ici, empruntés au 16è concours annuel du TDC et au concours des 50 meilleures annonces 1969, fournissent une idéé assez exacte des cou rants modernes. Les spécialistes européens pourront certainement y puiser d'utiles inspi rations. 1 Annonce de revue 2 Annonce de la chaïne detélévision CBS 3 Annonce pour fermetures éclair en nylon 4 Annonce pour Mobiloil 5 Annonce pour un tailleur Here, at a time of remembrance, is our The lucky occupants will get a scare Some people simply don't have the guts monument to the monumental folly of and go through the infuriating process of to imagine themselves in such anguish, automobile drivers. Dead in a massacre filling out all the insurance forms, getting Yet we're asking you to imagine it every that has taken 1,700,000 lives since 1900. repair estimates, and putting their cars time you get into your car (If that sounds and continues unabated today up in a body shop for a few days morbid, it's nothing compared to the pos- Think about it: The body count of Ameri They also won't get to where they were sible alternative Because without a cer- cans killed in action in all of America's going in such a hurry. tarn amount of healthy fear, there no wars since 1775 stands at 638,000 And in All the other richpooroldyoung people reason to do any of the things that can 69 short years, motorists have surpassed will be dead (or wishing they were dead), prevent the tragedy, that stunning figure by over a million, It doesn't have to happen to you Like using your seatbelts. (They really men, women and children. But your protection won't start until you do save lives, not to mention eyes, noses. All of them dead. realize that it can happen to you: That in and other personal possessions Violently dead. less than a second, your car can be turned l ike the simple act of keeping a rag in Agonizingly dead. into a smoking hulk of broken glass and the car for cleaning your windows and And for what? twisted steel. headlights. l never ever- saw hum For the sake of an extra martini? That men with acetylene torches may officer For the thrill of passing a car on a blind have to cut your wife or kids out of it And having your biases checked rt'gu curve at 67 miles an hour7 That flashing red lights and wailing iarly. and replacing worn tires. And doing To save 15 seconds by lumping a light? sirens c an come for you. Or yours all the other little things vou know about Before this year is over, one out of Tour That all you cherish (your life, or theirs, and don't bother about cars in this country will be involved in an your well being, or theirs) can be lost in Aren't vou worth the bother? accident. that single instantPlease drive safely We want you to live. I like you just the way you are. Joseph Home Co.

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