H&S REPORTS |AA^ A* -iBlAA She's still Eve. She can be tempted. But she's far more likely to succumb to a medium that talks her language. That she grew up with. That's with it. Television. significant study fm. conducted among 1103 housewives by R.H. Bruskin Associates, nationally- recognized research organization, underscores the fact. Women of all ages prefer television to newspapers (among other media measured) not only for entertainment and news, but also for product information. What's more, stores that advertise on television are thought of more favorably. And the preference for television becomes far more iam A \RK mtmm g *rtl Lowell Institute School under the auspices of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Special Summer Computer Course Introduction to COBOL Programming For the people of Haskins Sells 'Winter 1970 49

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