Luis de Horna 1971 and will be continued until October be cause of its eminent success. He is not the only Spaniard, however: a number of years ago our interest was attracted by the F.A.D., a very creative group of graphic designers in Barcelona. Before long, we published some special features about Pla Narbona and Ger- vasio Gallardo whose fame has meanwhile spread even to the USA. One day we sent our friend Pla Narbona a letter requesting him to communicate the names of fellow-artists whose work would be suitable for publication in Gebrauchsgraphik. Thereupon he warmly recommended Luis de Horna who signs his illustrations with Amalito. «Okay,» we replied, «tell him to send us some samples. Soon afterwards we received some of de Horna's amusing, witty and satirical creations. We liked them a lot. And so we sent a written request to submit ad ditional information to de Horna's Salamanca address. But the letter was returned with the postal stamp: Present address unknown. Weeks later de Horna wrote - from a new 2 10 1 Illustration ausdem Buch«Die Erzahlungen von Sarampión» («Loscuentos del Sarampión»), Verlag ANAYA S. A. 2-10 Buchillustrationen für ein Kinderbilderbuch zum Thema Das Leben Christi(nicht veröffentlicht) 1 Illustration from the book «The Tales of Sarampión («Los cuentos del Sarampión»), published byANAYAS.A. 2-10 Illustrations for a children's book «The Life of Christ» (unpublished) 1 Illustration pour« Les contes de Sarampión» («Loscuentos del Sarampión»), Editions ANAYA S. A. 2-10 Illustrations pour un livre d'enfants surLa vie du Christ» (inédites) 58

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