ADVERTISING ART IN POST-WAR ITALY DIE WERBEGRAPHIK IM NACIIKRIEGS-ITALIËN L'ART PUBLICITAIRE DANS L'ITALIE D'APRÈS GUERRE Antonio Boggeri [Texte francais: page 152] Deutscher Text: Seite 151] Like all the other decorative arts, Italian commercial art marked time during the war at the place it had reached beforehand. In reality there was of course no lack of opportunity for stimulating the production of political propaganda, but that is an aspect with which we are not here concerned. It is enough to mention the modest contri bution made by this illustrative and realist genre to the progress of the modern graphic arts. Italy's few commercial artists are self-instructed. The absence of a strong tradition and the lack of specialised schools explain the need for foreign contacts, already severely tested by the long years of isolation, when the production of the free nations was out of reach. Attracted by advanced movements, like all other young artists, the Italians turned for their inspiration to rationalist architecture, the most fitting of schools for difficult experiments. In creating works which took their place on an international level, recent Italian archi tecture was bound to exert an influence on the decorative arts. It did so above all by way of the Triennale in Milan MINADEX

Graphis de | 1947 | | page 88