ART DIRECTORS CLUB, NEW YORK 30th annual of advertising and editorial art Above: Cover (designed by Ladislav Sutnar) of the 30TH ANNUAL OF ADVERTISING AND EDITORIAL ART, pub lished by Pellegrini Cudahy, New York. It contains reproductions of the 345 prize-winning exhibits selected for the 30th Annual Exhibition of the Art Directors Club of New York, a few examples of which are shown on the following pages. Obtainable in Europe from: THE GRAPHIS PRESS, Zurich. Oben: Umschlag des 30. Amerikanischen Jahrbuches der Werbekunst, erschienen bei Pellegrini Cudahy, New York. Es enthalt die Wiedergaben der 345 für die diesjahrige Ausstellung zugelassenen Arbeiten, von denen wir hier einige Beispiele zeigen. In Europa er- haltlich beim GRAPHis-Verlag, Zürich. Ci-dessus: Couverture du 30e Annuaire de l'Art publicitaire, éd. Pellegrini Cudahy, New York. II réunit les reproductions de 345 ouvrages admis a l'exposition de cette année, et dont nous présentons ici quelques exemples. En vente en Europe aux Editions graphis, Zurich. [Deutscher Text: Seite 393] [Texte frar^ais: page 397] The profession of art direction is younger than advertising and has been in existence only about 25 or 30 years. It is still so new that as yet no great universities or even art schools teach it. In the middle twenties an advertisement was prepared by having an artist make a picture, to which various writers or advertising executives would tack in some headlines and copy and a logotype. Next came the artist art director, who designed the advertisement purely in the interests of art and then did the finished art for it; and finally there deve loped the separate, professional art director and art buyer- the man who, by the study of all sorts of seemingly extraneous things (that is, extraneous to art itself), could bring professional exactness to the design and selection of all com ponents of a display for the greatest effectiveness. The things he had to know covered a variety of subjectsengraving and type, human behaviour, markets, manufacturing objectives, the national effects, good and bad, of certain material placed in the advertisement. Above all he had to study and know the exact taste and common objective of his audience. So from the crude beginnings of only a quarter-century ago has come of age this new profession of which we, as members of the Art Directors Club of New

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