IaTI i d HpJuruS TV tightvM |h.—il.Ir xla'-U. in blue ami HmI pbic i-ul on the bin* to I hi- fit. N.>lr the Levi b-gs, tapering narrower and narrower toward the ankle By David Comintern in MSfliknt fabric. al«»ut 818. Bla. k jereey pullover. hIk.hi $13. Both. Sak- Fifth Avenue1- S. Juliu* Garfin-kel. Diinanritr'» ankle-tight huckukici hoot*. To give i-aiu a: id art ion to a narrow skirt, a choked red and wine tweed apron, rut on the hut* and beautifully bulky, with a waistband that buckles in back and the Bazaar's cowbell clanking at one side. In John Walther fabric. about $40. The knit jersey dress, about 830. Both. Bonnie Cashiu design* for Adler and Atller Lord and Taylor; Julius Carfiackrl; Neitnan-Marcus. Bell, by Corn. Design Entwurf Maquette: 1) HERBERT MATTER (Typographer: Arrow Press, Inc.) 2) ALEXEY BRODOVITCH 3) BRADBURY THOMPSON 1) Cover and pages of a booklet for Knoll Associates, Inc., furniture and textiles, prepared by Hockaday Associates, Inc. Award of distinctive merit for excellence in typography. 2) Double-spread from Harper's Bazaar, published by Hearst Magazines, Inc. Art Director: Alexey Brodovitch; photographer: Karen Radkai. 3) Double-spread from the booklet Inspirations for Printers, published by the West Virginia Pulp and Paper Co. Awarded the Art Directors Club medal. 1) Umschlag und Doppelscitc aus cinem Prospekt fiir Möbel und Stoffe. 2) Doppelseite aus der Zeitschrift Harper's Bazaar. 3) Doppelseite aus einer Broschiire Inspirations for Printers (Anregungen für Drucker). 1) Couverture et double page d'un prospectus pour meubles et tissus. - 2) Double page tirée de la revue Harper's Bazaar. 3) Double page d'une brochure Inspirations for Printers (Inspira tions pour imprimeurs).

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